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Mandjurica (Debter, deb-ther, debtelin : materials for Central Asiatic and Altaic studies)

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Samuel E. Louis Ligeti published only some data from his rich materials collected in the Nonni Nairn Valley and in Hailar see e.

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Hung X, etc. Some Dagur booklets were printed in China in an experimental and ephemeral Dagur Cyrillic orthography ; these booklets representing the archaic Qiqihar Tsitsihar dialect give further important instruction for the student of Dagur.

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Dagur is also discussed in B JCh. Earlier records like those of Fedor V.

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Muromskiy who worked in the first decade of this century in the Di Region of East Turkestan are also of great value. Not long ago the Solons' name thundered wherever the troops of the proper so-called Eight Bannered army of the ruling Manchu dynasty of China entered, while the Dahur language is now so much accepted, that Chinese merchants, not learning, for its uselessness, the Manchu language, do not fail to speak Dahur, as the majority of the customers speak this language" - wrote Ivanovskiy in his introduction p.

He visited Mergen and Qiqihar in from the end of August till the beginning of November and had an earlier knowledge of Dagur in Donchifa, a village near Aigun.

In his record he uses the Russian linguistic alphabet. Ivanovskiy gives 25 Solon and 28 Dagur sentences as well as 6 Sino- Dagur proverbs and some Manchu-Dagur parallel text fragments in Manchu characters pp. Haro Byrxa — iByTxa-Cojiotn.

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