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Samuel Beckett is unique in literature. Born and educated in Ireland, he lived most of his life in Paris. His literary output was rendered in either English or French, and he often translated one to the other, but there is disagreement about the contents of his bilingual corpus.

Some features may be unavailable in Safari Private Browsing mode. This website requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript to improve your experience. Today these plays are profound, funny, and more pertinent than ever. For those less familiar with Beckett as an artist or his many plays, it may help to better understand his place in theatrical history and the specific genre of writing he has come to define in this modern era. When Beckett died in , The New York Times spent much of its obituary detailing the profound impact he had on theatre:. Before Beckett there was a naturalistic tradition.

After him, scores of playwrights were encouraged to experiment with the underlying meaning of their work as well as with an absurdist style. As the Beckett scholar Ruby Cohn wrote: "After Godot , plots could be minimal; exposition, expendable; characters, contradictory; settings, unlocalized, and dialogue, unpredictable. Blatant farce could jostle tragedy. In he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature for a body of work that 'has transformed the destitution of man into his exaltation. Beckett and the Mythology of Psychoanalysis.

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Just Play: Beckett's Theater (Princeton Legacy Library)

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‘What? Where?’ Presence and Repetition in Beckett’s Theatre

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Just Play Becketts Theater

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Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence

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