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Read on for some ideas as to how you can make the most of the Web's potential in your next job search. Post your resume online so recruiters can find you -- even when you're not actively searching for work.

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Join an online networking community and connect with fellow alumni, colleagues and recruiters. Search the names of old friends and coworkers to reach out and expand your network.

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Tap the power of industry blogs to find folks who are doing what you'd like to do for a living and ask for advice. You'd be surprised at how many people are willing to share their wisdom. Streamline your efforts by saving job searches and signing up for email job alerts so you'll know about new postings immediately. Visit company Web sites for additional job postings and to learn about each organization's corporate culture.

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This will help you determine if you'd be a good fit and provide you with insights for any interviews. Browse trade associations and professional groups online for insights and new connections.

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Many times job openings are not posted immediately and these people may have hot inside leads on new opportunities. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Thank you! Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and are commonly known as job boards.

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Other employment sites offer employer reviews, career and job-search advice, and describe different job descriptions or employers. Through a job website a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position. The Online Career Center was developed [ when? In , Robert J. McGovern began NetStart Inc. After an influx of two million dollars in investment capital [2] he then transported this software to its own web address, at first listing the job openings from the companies who utilized the software.

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Six major newspapers joined forces in to list their classified sections online. The service was called CareerPath. The industry attempted to reach a broader, less tech-savvy base in when Hotjobs. The ad featured a janitor at a zoo sweeping out the elephant cage completely unbeknownst to the animal. The elephant sits down briefly and when it stands back up, the janitor has disappeared. The ad meant to illustrate a need for those stuck in jobs they hate, and offer a solution through their Web site. In , Monster. Even with these aggressive mergers CareerBuilder still trailed behind the number one employment site Jobsonline.

Yahoo had previously announced plans to enter the job board business, but decided to jump start that venture by purchasing the established brand. The success of jobs search engines in bridging the gap between jobseekers and employers has spawned thousands of job sites, many of which list job opportunities in a specific sector, such as education, health care, hospital management, academics and even in the non-governmental sector. These sites range from broad all-purpose generalist job boards to niche sites that serve various audiences, geographies, and industries.

Many industry experts are encouraging jobseekers to concentrate on industry specific sector sites.

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A job board is a website that facilitates job hunting and range from large scale generalist sites to niche job boards for job categories such as engineering , legal , insurance , social work , teaching , mobile app development as well as cross-sector categories such as green jobs , ethical jobs and seasonal jobs. The term job search engine might refer to a job board with a search engine style interface, or to a web site that actually indexes and searches other web sites. Niche job boards are starting to play a bigger role in providing more targeted job vacancies and employees to the candidate and the employer respectively.

Job boards such as airport jobs and federal jobs among others provide a very focused way of eliminating and reducing time to applying to the most appropriate role. It gathers job listings from over federal agencies. Some web sites are simply search engines that collect results from multiple independent job boards. This is an example of both metasearch since these are search engines which search other search engines and vertical search since the searches are limited to a specific topic - job listings.

Some of these new search engines primarily index traditional job boards. These sites aim to provide a "one-stop shop" for job-seekers who don't need to search the underlying job boards. In , tensions developed between the job boards and several scraper sites , with Craigslist banning scrapers from its job classifieds and Monster. Industry specific posting boards are also appearing. These consolidate all the vacancies in a very specific industry.

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The largest "niche" job board is Dice. Many industry and professional associations offer members a job posting capability on the association website. An employer review website is a type of employment website where past and current employees post comments about their experiences working for a company or organization. An employer review website usually takes the form of an internet forum.

Typical comments are about management , working conditions , and pay.