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Once he started growing out his hair, Nelson came to be known for his beard and braids almost as much as his music.

Artist #1 Was…Charlie Daniels!

Also like Parton, this country superstar got her start in the business while she was still a child. Hiding underneath all that hair was none other than Barbara Mandrell. The photo of Mandrell that we showed you was a portrait taken on an unspecified date in She would have been no older than 22 at the time. Now that you think about it, not much has changed about Mandrell appearance-wise over the years. She has changed up her hairstyle a few times, and we thought the one in the photo we showed you was one of the most dramatic.

If you can guess this one correctly without a hint, then you are a country music master. But we have a feeling that this photo will leave even the most devoted country fans scratching their heads. Hint time…in addition to changing up his look, in later years this artist switched up his musical style. Well, other than the fact that he looked nothing like the Hank we know today. After suffering a terrifying fall off of Ajax Peak Mountain in , Williams spent two years in recovery and underwent a number of surgeries. Once he recovered, he grew a beard and began wearing sunglasses to hide the scars on his face.

While he certainly looks pretty cleaned up and straitlaced in this photo, this artist was and continued to be one of the most rebellious artists that country music had ever seen. He made his music his way, and made himself famous for doing so. The photo we showed you of Jennings, like several of the others in this list, was taken in There you have it folks…you made it to the end of our list!

Be sure to comment and tell us which photos left you the most puzzled or surprised!

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Genres Traditional Bluegrass Outlaw. From the days of 78 RPM vinyl to digital downloads, fans continue to flock to the format. So who are the 25 greatest country artists of all time? That list might very well be subject to conjecture as the definition of country, but here are the acts that have made an immeasurable mark on the genre. In compiling this list, we took into consideration sales, airplay, and influence upon the genre -- and outside of it.

List of country performers by era - Wikipedia

Let the debates commence! We don't know how more definitive that needs to be. Gosdin's phrasing was on par with anyone -- Jones or Haggard, who both considered themselves among the singer's biggest fans. He sang each song like it would be his last, and inspired a generation in the process. With the possible exception of Marty Robbins, Vince Gill stands as one of the most musically diverse artists of the format. As a singer, a songwriter, or a picker, Vince Gill has few peers. In , when he broke onto the scene, Whitley's star was somewhat overshadowed by Randy Travis and Dwight Yoakam.

But, his second album -- 's Don't Close Your Eyes -- helped to establish him as one of the dominant balladeers of his day. Sadly, a long career wasn't meant to be -- as his May death stilled his voice.

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But, talk to any singer who has come along since -- such as Tim McGraw, Chris Young, or Alan Jackson, and they will tell you just how deep his influence still runs -- even after 25 years. All controversy aside, the trio of Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, and Emily Robison managed to create a musical sound that appealed to a mixture of traditional minded fans, as well as newcomers to the format.

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Other artists had been successful crossing over before Kenny Rogers, but he made it an art form. As a touring artist, he was the first country performer to consistently sell out arenas night after night, with only his recent announcement of retirement bringing that segment of his career to a close. His Always and Forever album stayed at the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart for an astonishing 43 weeks -— and hit the top 20 on the Billboard long before Soundscan -— unheard of for a traditional-based artist. Randy Travis rewrote the rules for the format — with a pen of classic-inspired ink.

Though his father was one of the first major superstars of the genre, Hank Williams, Jr.

Aaron Neville

Also adding to his legend was his stage show, which inspired a generation -- including Garth Brooks. In a recording career that spanned over six decades, "The Cherokee Cowboy" possessed a voice that never seemed to age.

5 Classic Country Singers You Should Know

If anything, his warm crooning tone only got better with time. Price's early hits were textbook performances in the honky-tonk vein, while 's "Danny Boy" ushered in a more uptown vibe that he expanded on in hits such as Kris Kristofferson's "For The Good Times. However, what she did with that time period continues to inspire countless artists around the world. Just as Loretta Lynn sang about female empowerment in the s, so did Tammy Wynette.

No other female singer sang about heartbreak with as much conviction and power -- influencing generations to come in the process. Swift also displays a strong awareness of who she is as a songwriter —- knowing also who her audience is. She is as much of a juggernaut as Garth Brooks in terms of her success — and how she treats people in the industry. The idea of a band in country music had never really succeeded on a commercial level -- until Alabama kicked in the door in RCA rolled the dice on them, and it was an investment that paid off quite well —- over 30 No.

From until his passing in , Twitty charted hit after hit.

25 Country Classics