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Giribala was hurt and angry that despite Gopinath has come after a long time, he is ignoring hercompletely. She refuses to give the key. An angry and frustrated Gopinath beats up Giribala, snatches all her ornaments from her and left the house.

Eventually, Gopinath eloped with the actress Latika. Few months later, Gopinath heard that a beautiful new actress has emerged in the theater circle and she has taken the place of Latika. Curiuos, Gopinath went to see the play. The curtains rose. Meet Mohim, a detective with a thirst for mystery and a passion for crime.

He hails from Siliguri where people are honest and crimes are few. Happily married with a steady job is not enough to satisfy this hungry detective. He is on the lookout for an intriguing case and this constant urge, leads him to develop a secret life, befriend a stranger, encourage sexual advances from his colleague and loose his family in the process.

A fruit vendor befriends a little girl but is soon arrested for murder and imprisoned. On release, he hopes to continue his friendship but finds her getting married, reminding him of his own daughter. Two brothers loose a family tea estate leading to marital squabbles and a death.

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Proving blood is thicker than water, a brother frames his wife for murder but when guilt overcomes him, is it too late? A story about love, life, and deceit, leaving nothing but a broken nest behind. An ambitious husband, a passionate singer, greed, and an empty heart break apart a family in ways that cannot be mended. A twisted tale of destiny and the circle of life where a trusted servant brings up a young boy, befriends him and becomes a part of the family.

Years later, he is bestowed the duties of this boy's offspring but fails to abide by them.

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In an act of carelessness, he loses the child and his job. What happens next is a twist of fate.

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An only son refuses to marry a girl handpicked by his widowed mother and chooses another, much to her dismay the girl soon embraces love and slowly builds a bond in a lonely woman's heart. A widowed mother works tirelessly to bring up her two boys. Her brother offers to take one of her troublesome sons to Kolkata with him. Life takes an unexpected turn and repentance is the only gain. A story about the Indian cast system and the interference in true love.

A hidden background, revenge, and suffering all come together in this heart wrenching story. Yagyanath Kundu is a miser but fond of his grandson. Post the death of his daughter in law, his son leaves home and Yagyanath slowly loses his mind causing him to do unforgivable deeds. A story of trusting wives, forgiveness, guilt, business success and failures all doing a degree turn and returning to what is called karma. A wife sacrifices her wealth for her husband's profession but slowly her health deteriorates.

Her husband starts romancing his sister-in-law only to uncover an unexpected turn of events. A young woman finds herself trapped in a world filled with backward thinking and conservative views. She tries to defeat the system by helping her downtrodden sister-in-law, but realizes that society is unforgiving to women of her era. She escapes her turmoil and tries to put her thoughts to paper and send a message to her husband. When money and love collide, which will survive the battle? This is a story of a young man who is afraid of his dominating uncle and let's his uncle take control of his life.

When he comes face to face with beauty and love, does he follow his heart or let his uncle walk over him?


Will passion prove stronger than power? Will love conquer all or is it too late? Seeing is believing. Meet Aroop, a practical sports quota student who never believed in superstitions, spirits or ghosts.

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In Chokher Bali , she's also spreading chaos - but in subtle Bengali style. She's cast as a Binodini, a young woman who is widowed after just a year of marriage, which means that she should retire uncomplainingly to a dimly lit life of boredom and anonymity. But this is Aishwarya Rai we're talking about and even if her beauty has been slightly blinkered by the brown lenses she's wearing over her remarkable grey-green eyes, retirement is not an option.

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Her lucky break comes when Rajlakshmi Lily Chakrabarti , a much older and richer widow who had once hoped to have her as a daughter-in-law, takes her into her household as a companion - with predictably volatile results. What follows is a kind of La Ronde for four. Rajlakshmi's son Mahendra Prosenjit Chatterjee , a spoilt man-about-town who is languidly studying medicine in between recreational pursuits, has just married. And Binodini and Ashalata Raima Sen , his naive, sweet-natured bride, become friends.

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Binodini turns out to be a brain as well as a beauty - this is a Bengali film, after all - and she's soon teaching Ashalata English. In return, Ashalata encourages her to discard her plain white widow's sari to rediscover what it's like to wear coloured silks and gold jewellery. Ashalata also lives to regret this act of generosity when Binodini and Mahendra fall in love.

She does not remarry and is not allowed any male company, has to keep a strict dietary regime without meat or fish, and, briefly, becomes a non-person whose only purpose in life remains to serve others to the best of her ability. It is something that Binodini, as handsome, vibrant, intelligent and striking as she is, has trouble accepting. By a quirk of fate she is brought back into the home of Mahendra who is now married to Asha Sen , a gloriously beautiful, but very young and completely innocent, spoiled, uneducated girl. As soon as they meet the two women strike an alliance that makes them practically inseparable, though each one dutifully respects the codes of her own social functions.

Ghosh, however, manages to insinuate almost imperceptibly through the patterns of a stiff, unbending society, which leaves little opening for digression, a troubled relationship between Binodini, Asha, her hedonist husband - an egotist who lives for pleasure and the advantages of his wealth and Behari, the best friend who is an idealist who believes in the life of plants and political involvement Gradually the roles within this quartet change, particularly that of the women, change, as Binodini's subdued character comes out to assert itself while Asha's spoiled innocence is crushed by evidence she had refused to see.

Combining several dramatic plotlines which develop on parallel lines, but keeping them all on a small fire and integrated into the family chronicle, Ghosh very much keeps in mind that it is sensuality rather than love which repeatedly plays the main role in relationships here. There is no doubt that Binodini is motivated first and foremost by her wish to end her crippling widow status, and that the men are ultimately much weaker and less resolute than she can be.

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Rai's masterful control over her part, which runs from meek devotion to outright rebellion, is spot on, making for a deeply felt and moving performance. Sen's Asha is not far behind. Ghosh keeps his characters indoors most of the time, especially before the third act, which takes place in the holy sites of Benares. Yet he still manages to bring into focus the political turbulence, the animosity towards the British and the structure of the hierarchy inside an Indian family, where a widowed mother can rule with an iron fist over her household, through a crafty combination of constant whining and veiled threats.